An Educational Program About The Age Of Dinosaurs

Dinosauria was born out of a great adventure. After the discovery of several dinosaurs in Shell, Wyoming team member Lisa Zago immediately began her company Dinosauria. The idea was to bring the art and science of this magical journey to people. Since the summer of 2007 the show has been touching hearts and minds. Dinosauria sparks inspiration in people. Dinosauria has presented for audiences of all ages. Schools, libraries, boy scouts, brownie troops, The Field Museum, and parties have all hosted the program. This presentation is a very unique performance that brings universal wonder, imagination, and intellect out in every person.

“We feel we have something important to share. The opportunity to present to classrooms as in school field trips is always rewarding to us because it is a way to convey our passion to others. In addition, Dinosauria is a unique and powerful contribution to all school programs.” Lisa Zago

The artistic vision of Dinosauria’s work is to show that science and art are compatible. In the field of Paleontology there is a process that is very data oriented but at the same time you are using your imagination and creative skills to bring life back from millions of years ago. It is an investigation based on facts and what seems to be an emotional time travel back to the age of dinosaurs.

Every year the show has new chapters added to it depending on the fossil dig season. Each year the team has found a new and nearly complete dinosaur to bring back to life in the show. Some specific performances have included demonstrations and workshops. The shows are also creative and different due to audience participation.

Dinosauria is an artistic interpretation of Earth’s distant past and the age of dinosaurs. It is a remarkable way of bringing the beauty and power of this era to life again. Beginning with stunning images and exciting tales the show leads viewers into an interactive session. As an audience member, one may experience the enthusiasm of working in the field of paleontology and creatively piecing together a mystery for the first time in millions of years!

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