Dinosauria is available for all special events at museums, schools, libraries, and parties in the Chicago, Illinois metropolitan area.

Paleontological Dig Site

Lisa works at a paleontological dig site in the badlands of Wyoming. As a member of a team lead by Bob Simon she has been involved in several major discoveries including complete specimens of Stegosaurus, Camarasaurus, Diplodocus, Camptosaurus, and Apatosaurus. Lisa also educates dig site visitors in field operations and excavation techniques.

Hands-On Look

Dinosauria is an educational program about the age of dinosaurs. The talk includes a power point presentation, question and answer session, and a hands-on look at real dinosaur bones.

Dinosaur Bones

The Dinosauria team excavates dinosaurs at the Red Canyon Ranch in Shell, WY. Dinosaur bones and other fossil remains are prepared and studied in Park Ridge, IL.