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Dinosaur Hunter Presentation 


The Dinosaur Hunter Presentation is designed for groups of up to 100 participants.

The package includes:

* One forty five minute show focused on dinosaur dig sites and discoveries.

*Two four foot tables with real dinosaur bones and other fossils.

*This package can be presented for any age group, or a mixed aged audience.

Dinosaur Exploration Show

Field Museum

The Dinosaur Exploration Show is designed for any age group and any size.

This Package includes:

* Two shows forty five minutes each.

* No limit on number of participants.

* Focus is on Dinosaur Science as well as new discoveries made by our team members from the latest expeditions.

Dinosaur Science Class


The Dinosaur Science class is designed for after school, small groups 30 or less. Can be presented for any age group, or a mixed audience.

This package includes:

* Four 45 minute classes that meet once a week for a period of four weeks.

* The focus of this class is to introduce Earth’s history and Dinosaur science. Participants will also have an opportunity to learn about field and laboratory operations.

* A hands on look at real Dinosaur bones and other fossils are part of the four week class.

The Dinosaur Hunters Traveling Exhibit


The Dinosaur Hunters Traveling Exhibit features a stationed exhibit.

This package includes:

* A stationed exhibit including a specific dinosaur theme, pictures, tools, memorabilia, real dinosaur bones, and other fossils.

*Times and prices for this exhibit vary. For more information please contact Lisa (312) 388-9711 or